Harry Winston 's watches IWC Replica Watches collection in his career, a total Watchesof over three unprecedented

Harry Winston 's Watches collection in his career, a total Watches of over three unprecedentedshocked the world Juzuan , which in turn are : Jonker Diamond, Vargas and Sierra Leone:
Jonker Diamond Harry Winston is the first one giant cut diamonds weighing 726 karats it , is found in South African Jacobus Watches Jonker , and therefore his name was named after the diamond . ????Vargas diamonds from Brazil , coincidentally , Vargas also heavy 726 kt , identical Jonker Diamond weight. This kind of thing unheard of in the diamond industry in just one billionth of a probability of its occurrence . ????Sierra Leone in 1972 he bought Watches Juzuan buy watches online third satellite , weighing up to 970 kt , but also the weight of the largest in the history of the original stone . A year later , Sierra Leone was cut into 17 stones, the total weight of 238.43 karats , the original diamond cut scenes were televised around the world , unprecedented. To commemorate this significant event in the history watch swiss replica watches of the diamond , an African country has issued a set of commemorative stamps , which also became the only let Harry Winston jewelers who boarded the stamp . Another Hope Diamond from India itself is legendary . As early as 350 years ago , Hope Diamond was tapped by the French royal family has a century ago, during the French Revolution until it mysteriously disappeared , suddenly appeared after the auction venue in London. Hope Diamond thereafter changed hands several times until 1949 by Harry Winston bought before the end of its enigmatic mysterious journey. ??By the Richard Mille team and CompliTime team Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey have co- designed Planetarium-Tellurium astronomical clock in the form of a sphere of reproduction of the real Earth, Moon , Sun, Venus and Mercury dimensional running. This is a new challenge to the transmission system , the calculation method and the high accuracy astronomical count . Can display hours , time zone , date, month , week , year, leap year , power storage , seasonal , sub -to-point (equinoxes and solstices) Watches and Zodiac (Zodiacs); astronomy can display the Earth's rotation , revolution , tilt degrees, the moon 's rotation , revolution , moon phase , equation of time , the sun, Venus and Mercury positions , and very precise : the Earth 's rotation every 7.7 years before the fast four minutes (+1 ¡ã in 7.7 years), for every 200 million years before the revolution slow one day (-1 ¡ã in 2 million years). $ 40 million dollars ( about 25 million yuan ) The brand is the founder of "Richard Mille" life in his name , the brand was founded in 2001 in Switzerland , although very short history , but its top quality so that the watch industry admiration . Richard Mille once said: "My goal is to create the watch industry [ Formula ] ." Then Richard Mille obtained numerous awards prove that he did. Richard Mille current production is still small , and always adhere to the principle of quality , cutting-edge , mostly launched a limited edition , the price is extremely expensive. ????2001 introduced the first piece of Richard Mille watches RM001. The product launch will be a reckless, internationally renowned immediately successful. Äê2006, Richard Mille and then offer new initiatives , integration into the new design concept , watchmaking heritage breakthrough technology , introduced six new mechanical watch . Meanwhile Richard Mille was again elected Robb Report & Collection THE BEST OF THE BEST Best watch. ????2010 tennis star Rafael Nadal wearing dollars worth 590,000 Richard Mille "RM 027" watch made ??a Grand Slam . I believe that no few tables can be able to stand such a violent impact , but Richard Mille done, then also won their annual awards . ????2011 Richard Mille "RM 027" watch , re- watch the Robb Report Best Boutique Award (THE BEST OF THE BEST) look awards name to know the best of the best. ??Until the end of 2005 , has been available for nine Richard Mille watch, from design concept to the appearance and performance of materials tabulation table within each part , and Formula watches online One racing are sophisticated design has a very close relationship. Inspiration, and inspiration shock absorbers watch function selection keys are derived from the car . Watches Richard Mille function selection keys are unique technology, which is like a car stalls , with winding, while the neutral tone and three files position, thus reducing the modulation of the movement due to the winding operation or accuracy of. In the design concept , in addition to Formula One racing driver Felipe Massa was inspired by elements outside , also joined the architectural design and navigation, and other new material ; in watchmaking technology, followed Richard Mille mechanical love and a passion , developed a "zero dial " mechanical watch is a major breakthrough , the difficulty of making watches also come increased significantly. Currently the world's lightest watch is from RM hand, his RM027 Tourbillon and tennis star Rafael Nadal cooperation planing to strap, quality header only 13 grams. RM005 Felipe Massa (Titanium) RM005 Felipe Massa (Titanium) is Richard Mille 's first Formula One racing driver Felipe Massa named and designed for automatic watch , to celebrate him in 2006 by the Sabah team (Sauber Petronas ) Ferrari team launched into effect . Surface particularly in the Brazilian flag colors yellow , green represents Brazil borrowed Felipe Massa, and the pointer on the dial font "6" will spend red , Felipe Massa in 2005 to commemorate the RM006 and try to race for Ferrari team colors , we can see its unique design thoughts. With lightweight titanium material for the manufacture of watches , RM005 Felipe Mass (Titanium) to blasting technology production, global limited edition of three hundred .
Currently , Richard Mille launched a watches total of 21 models to do a hundred wristwatch , and in Beijing in mainland ? Legendale Hotel and Shanghai Plaza with stores , which Legendale Hotel Beijing store is the largest Richard Mille flagship store. ???Bovet ( Bovet ) is a brand people are rarely heard , but the Qing Emperor Daoguang it very well, including many nobles wear is Bovet ( Bovet ) watch, their favorite Li is a plus . Bovet ( Bovet ) table is very popular at the time of high society , the top Swiss watch brand Bovet (Bovet) with China has puzzled fate. Bovet in Switzerland remain small batch production mode manually . Bovet previously fixed annual production of 250 watches, today only 2000 annual watches , prices are expensive , low-end of the table basically in hundreds of thousands to hundreds of thousands , of high-end table up to 500 million yuan.
????1818 , Bovet brand founder Edouard Bovet as watchmaker Shortly after , he was sent to work in Guangzhou, China . Began to sell expensive high-end watches to Qing 's Western kings and nobles . As optimistic about Chinese people watch preferences and spending power , Edouard it was founded in 1822 in Guangdong Bovet brand , production lines are located in Switzerland. Products added to China 's popular elements , including francs, painting and other arts , very agreeable people like , Bovet and soon became a household name in Switzerland 's top brands. ?Bovet watches in a unique shape to reproduce the charm of old pocket watch by creation date, each watch is engraved , inlaid precious stones and enamel painting patterns and other processes are produced exclusively by hand , so production is maintained at just more than a thousand pieces a year , more than 60 percent of which is the world's only this one . Because it is handmade , even with a watch also has differences, and therefore each piece is unique , and which includes a limited edition watch and Special Edition , absolutely precious, worthy of collection. ??A spokesman Roy Davidoff said large surface , thick leather or steel strap, thick body , such as a table ' masculine ' watch gas has no independence for men love , mechanical watches began to attract more and more sought after lady , so Bovet watch men and women did not have the equipment , suitable for all ears. Roy says , making a Bovet watch an average of four to six months time , if more complex production schedule is more than a year , these tables use a lot of gold in the production process , but two-thirds of them in the production of gold when will be picked to go , so each table were priceless . ????Since Pascal Raffy When sowing president Wei , president of the ambitious expansion in succession , will broadcast Wittig promoted to a long history, while the strength of the watch brand . 2006 , Bovet founded in 1738 acquired a Swiss watch brand DIMIER, and STT STT Group's watchmaking movement factory , SPIR-IT silk factory tours and Aigat Stampers . And later acquired a factory in Geneva surface . Also holding Swiss Le Lieu of Aubert Complications watch company . http://www.buynewbox.com
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